[ Hyunsik Min + Minah Lee ]
Park + Library, Seoul, 2002



This combination of park and library aspires to depart from previous notions of these two facilities. Propitiating the physical and spiritual functions of the park and the library,

a new type of urban room is created - it is at once a park with continuous volume in three-dimensional organization and a library gone massless through its extension towards the outside. The park and the library deny any physical boundaries between the two, and, when the insertion of life is completed, become integrated into a singular body.


The site, part of a greenway that runs across the new housing estate, functions as a small park.

Elements from the existing park are preserved, whereas walkways and promenades are modified. Memories of life that have evolved in and around the park are now collected and housed in the architectural promenade going through the ground surface, the underground and the interior spaces, and the connecting roof garden. The new structure expands as a three-dimensional park system.

Through this juxtaposition, the library - a container of knowledge and information, a walk-in computer, or a compound of flexible, elastic mats for living - refuses the notion of architecture as object and creates an artificial landscape that becomes the backdrop for everyday activities. Real people populate the urban rooms, which, while formless, continuously redefine themselves through unique uses of its inhabitants.



[ Hyun sik Min ]

Hyunsik Min was born in Korea in 1946, and studied architecture at Seoul National University and the AA School of Architecture in London. Currently he is a professor at the Korean National University of Arts and also a primary advisor at KIOHUN Architects and Associates.



 [ Min ah Lee ]

Minah Lee was born in 1966 in Korea, and completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Seoul National University, then went to the Berlage Institute Amsterdam. She is now a project manager at KIOHUN Architects & Associates,and currently teaches at the Korean National University of Arts