Sora Kim

b. 1965, born and based in Seoul, Korea.

Sora Kim studied at Seoul National University and finished her studies at École Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Kim intervenes into the process where ‘meaning’ and ‘value’ are defined, formed, and communicated within a social system. In order to expose this process, she has used a conceptual strategy of ‘recycling.’ Her conceptual scheme involves viewers’ participatory process in which viewers come to reorient their fixed notion on values, structure, and systems of a society. Kim’s conceptual projects also convey even richer stories of a society by keeping the subtle hint of social relations among the objects.

Kim produces a music video of the most prototypical Korean popular songs of today, with their words translated into the Spanish. She literally transplants a certain cultural form to a different context by shooting the video in Mexico. This piece examines the situation where popular culture is being transmitted over the globe, and the issue of cultural differences and code-sharing is getting critical in communication and translation.

- Sora Kim, Orbit Lounge, 2004, mixed media, dimensions variable, installation view at Artsonje Center, Seoul

- Sora Kim, Volcano, 2004, mixed media, 15 x 7 x 2 meters, installation view at Artsonje Center, Seoul

- Sora Kim, CapitalPlus Credit Union, 2003, Copenhagen, Denmark