b. 1976, born and based in Seoul, Korea.

NAKION, an underground club DJ and graphic designer, is an iconic artist of Korean underground street culture. Her drawings, in a quick glance, reminding us of graffiti, are delineated in quick and harsh brushstrokes.

She gushes forth raw emotion and sentiments of Korean underground street culture in a direct way, but the result ironically resembles Korean traditional ink painting, Sumook, and calligraphy. The drawings, reflecting the rhythm and beat of the underground music and the performance of club DJing, portray dreams and conflicts of today’s youth culture. Musically she continues to produce electronic music including  an album malnutrition(non-commercial release, 2002) and remixes and has participated in various shows and festival. Nakion will dj at the celebrating party of Korean pavilion in this Biennale.

- NAKION, Happy, 2005, pen and ink on paper, 60x75cm

- NAKION, Mymachine, 2005, pen and ink on paper, 60x75cm

- NAKION, HAHA Painting