Sungshik Moon

b. 1980, born in Gimchun, Korea and based in Seoul, Korea.

Moon was just graduated from the Korean National University of Arts, Seoul. Moon paints ordinary scenes of everyday life, at a street, a school, a park in his neighbor, and they are turned into a virtual landscape in his paintings. Moon catches the moment when the weak and organic in nature are transformed and processed into something else by artificial structure and order imposed by human beings. As if looking into a microscope, Moon examines, dissects, and delineates a mountain, a forest, and trees that are artificially prettified, idealized, and made unrealistic to their final details. A garden shaped in a perfect square or Chinese juniper trees that are piled up in a round column show the intense clash and tension between the orderly and the wild.

- Sungshik Moon, Rectangular Garden, acrylic on canvas, 112x324cm

- Sungshik Moon, Talking Trees, 2004, water color on paper, 56x38 cm, 6 pieces in one series