Kiwon Park

b. 1964, born in Cheong-ju, Korea and based in Bucheon, Korea.

Park studied Art Education at Chungbuk National University. Park re-creates an existent space into a new illusory abstract space by modifying its formal elements like texture, surface, color, and the sense of volume. His installations made by such minimal interruption lead viewers to see the space and its old border under a new light with a new perceptual experience and cognitive understanding of the space.

In this exhibition, Park wraps the façade of Korean pavilion with FRP boards under the title of Diminish, Practically his aim is to give a unifying look to diverse elements appearing on the façade with a monochrome color field. The final installation becomes a sculpture in itself, but on a more fundamental level, this piece will continue Park’s question on ‘bordering’ or ‘zoning’ between inside/outside. The flow of installation on the exterior seamlessly comes into the interior, bringing along the moving flow and gaze of spectators, hereby making the distinction between ex/interior blurred. This attitude is to see the subject and object, object and background, the inside and outside as a continuous whole. In traditional Korean architecture, a house and is surrounding landscape was a continuum and this concept was metaphorically phrased, “borrowing a scene from nature.” Park’s installations create a new scene(landscape) by eliminating, more accurately, redefining a physical ‘border’ as the one on conceptual level.

- Kiwon Park, Hot Place, 2004, golden transparent vinyl, installation view at Marronnier Art Center , Seoul

- Kiwon Park, Level, 2002, transparent vinyl, , installation view at Garam Gallery, Seoul

- Kiwon Park, Move, 1996, transparent plastic board with blue tint, installation view at Gaain Gallery, Seoul