Park Sejin

b. 1977, born in Gwangju, Korea and based in Seoul, Korea

When Park was included in Art Spectrum (2003), which is an exhibition that annually selects the most promising young Korean artists, she was just graduated from Ewha Womans University. Park draws a landscape recollected and reconstructed from the memory of her own experience. She poses the landscape scenes of major western classics in her scenery and charges their art historical references with her personal reinterpretation. Her seemingly realistic landscapes are those of imagination rooted in reality, the scenes in-between fiction and non-fiction, figurative and abstract, the real and the unreal.  

A stark contrast and delicate details hinting rich behind stories are key points to describe Park’s landscapes. The artist places barren residue at the large or main part of a canvas with tiny details strewn over the landscape. For viewers to track odd ends of clues and recompose all pieces of information in one view, they should zoom in and out of the scene moving from the scenery to figures, the whole and the detail, and finally come to realize that Park’s landscapes encompass multiple layers of time, space and consciousness.

- Park Sejin, The Helipad, 2001, Cherry and mixed media on paper, 108x146cm, Collection of The Korean Culture and

- Arts Foundation, Korea.

- Park Sejin, Landscape, 1993-2002, acrylic on canvas, 32x40 cm

- Park Sejin, Labor, 2004, rose, acrylic and glue on paper, 164x150cm