Yeondoo Jung

b. 1969, born in Jinju, Korea and based in Seoul, Korea.

After graduating from Seoul National University, Jung studied at the Goldsmiths College in London. Jung is an artist who works in between reality and fantasy. In the works of Jung, the process of constructing the world of fantasy and imagination in reality is as significant as the final image. He reaches the final vision through numerous meetings with volunteers and involves their participation in making costume, makeup and setting. Although the results are photographs of the made-up world of fantasy, because they are made to resemble in every detail, they are, paradoxically, extremely realistic. Evergreen Tower(2001) is a slide projection consisted of 32 slides of middle class families living in the same building in Korea. The sequence of photographs of the families with similar family membership, with similar expressions and poses, and living in the same structured houses overlap. In the continuing sequence, the realistic family portraits of a specific context become an iconic portrait of a middle class urban culture.

- Yeondoo Jung, Evergreen Tower, 2001, Multi-Slide Projection of 32 Family Portraits, Collection of Artsonje Center, Seoul;

- JGS Foundation, NY; Fukuoka Asia Museum, Fukuoka