Ham Jin

b. 1978, born and based in Seoul, Korea

While still attending Kyungwon University, Korea, Ham Jin achieved a nationwide attention to his solo debut exhibition introducing his microscopic clay figures in 1999. Ham Jin takes his subjects from small or trivial, and makes figures as small as the size of a fingernail. He often incorporates dead insects or other objects in his sculpture. He has his own unique insight he could obtain from obsessive and personal vision on the world. He creates a micro-cosmos busy with their own stories and logic, and the world created by him sometimes mimic this world as if it were making fun of us. Suddenly his creatures are watching us, instead of we are watching them. Then there follows a whirlwind of questions on the grotesqueness of a scale, narrative and finally, the reality.

- Ham Jin, Aewan Love #2, 2004, C-print photograph of a sculpture made of polymer clay, fly and mixed media, 155x125.5cm,

- sculpture size, 1㎤

- Ham Jin, Aewan Love, 2004, installation of sculptures made of polymer clay and mixed media, installation view at pkm

- gallery, Seoul

- Ham Jin, Hair, 1999, mixed media, sculpture size 2.5cm