Venice Biennale

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This year marks 110 anniversary of Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition, which was established in 1893 and firstly held in 1895. Venice Biennale can be roughly classified into several categories- visual arts, architecture, cinema, dance, music and theatre, and the Venice Movie Festival, pretty familiar to us more than any other categories, is one of these diversified categories at the Biennale.
The category of the international art exhibition, visual art category of Venice Biennale is known for its longest history, taking a leading role in new flows and trends of art. The International Art Exhibition will comprise of main exhibition (Italian Pavilion), theme exhibition (Arsenale Pavilion), country pavilions, and other collateral events and special exhibitions.


This year, Venice Biennale invited two prestigious female curators and critiques as general directors for the first time in its history-Maria de Corral and Rosa Martinez. ‘The Experience of Ar’, planned by Maria de Corral, will be exhibited in the Italian Pavilion at Giardini Dela Biennale, showing various development and trends of artistic languages from 1970 until recently.
Another exhibition, ‘Always a Little Further’ planned by Rosa Martinez, will be shown in the Arsenale Pavilion, expected to function as an experimental arena for new aesthetic trends by artists and moreover, invite audience to an exciting trip so that they can discover lights and shadows of this turbulent world.