Sun Jung Kim 

Sun Jung Kim(b. 1965, Seoul, Korea) was the chief curator of Artsonje Center(Seoul) and Artsonje Museum(Kyongju) from 1993 to 2004 and also an associate professor at the Korean National University of Arts(Seoul).

She has been received a credit both from artists and her colleagues for her devotion to introducing international artists and their new production. She has been interested in building a project of unprecedented form by developing a relationship of exchange with international art sectors. Her recent focus is on building a network in Asian region.



She curated numerous exhibitions including ¡®Ssack: Korean Contemporary Artists(1995)¡¯, ¡®Seo-young Chung: Look out¡¯(2000), ¡®KOREAMERICAKOREA¡¯(2000), ¡®Tatsuo Miyajima¡¯(2002), ¡®Do-Ho SUH¡¯(2003) and ¡®Tobais Rehberger¡¯(2004) at Artsonje Center in Seoul. Her curating extends to international projects that include ¡®Promendade in Asia: Speed¡¯(1997) at Shiseido Galley(Tokyo), ¡®Yiso Bahc, Yangah Ham and Dario Robleto¡¯(2000) at ArtPace(San Antonio), ¡®Under construction¡¯(2002) at the Japan Foundation Asia Center(Tokyo), and ¡®Yangguang Canlan¡¯(2003) at BizArt Center