Exhibition Catalogue

TitleSpectres of the State Avant-garde
AuthorsNanhyoung Kang, Kyoungtae Kim, Sungwoo Kim, Jeong Hye Kim, Hyonkyong Kim, BARE, Seongtae Park, Junghyun Park, Hyun-Suk Seo, SGHS, Chunghoon Shin, Changmo Ahn, Taehun Lim, Dahyoung Chung, Jidon Jung, Hyunjung Cho, Choon Choi, Laurent Pereira
Publication dateMay 12nd, 2018
Size170*240mm / 270 pages

Contents of Catalogue

Foreword / Changju Choi
Introduction / Seongtae Park
State, Avant-Garde, and Spectres in Korean Modern Architecture / Junghyun Park
The House of Mnemosyne / Dahyoung Chung
Dreaming of Civic Space in a Dystopian State: Promenades of KECC / Choon Choi
The City of Radical Shift: Sewoon Sangga / Sungwoo Kim (N.E.E.D. Architecture)
Sewoon Sangga and Megastructure / Nanhyoung Kang
The Future of Seoul: Between Modernity and History / Hyonkyong Kim
Dream Cells / Jinhong Jeon, Yunhee Choi (Bare)
Sci-Fi Imagination of South Korean Society in the 1960s / Taehoon Lim
Autopsy of The Future / Choon Choi
The Yeouido Plan: Between Utopian Aspiration and Bureaucratic Planning / Hyunjung Cho
Building States / Hyun Seok Kang, Gunho Kim (SGHS)
1970 Osaka Expo Korea Pavilion: State Architects Yearning To Be Contemporary / Chunghoon Shin
Ecological Equilibrium and Recuperation of the Urban / Jeonghye Kim
The Third Way of Building the Modern Nation, KECC / Changmo Ahn
Fantastic City / Hyun-Suk Seo
Bamseom - Seeds of Change / Laurent Pereira, Choon Choi
Light From Anywhere / Jidon Jung