A commemorative photograph with Nion Koi, President of Kubota Corporation (Japanese construction company) in the middle of the first row, c. 1968, Paik Dae Hyun
The Soyang river multi-purpose dam designed by KECC, 1967-1973, National Archives of Korea
A scene from the reception to celebrate the partnership agreement between the KECC and DMJ, US: Mr. Allen and Cha Il Seok, Deputy mayor of Seoul, shaking hands, and Kim Swoo Geun., Paik Dae Hyun
Kim Swoo Geun, guiding Prime Minister Chung Il Kwon visiting KECC, 1967, National Archives of Korea
Seok Jung Seon and staffs of KECC visiting Japan (bottom right), 1966, Paik Dae Hyun
Seok Jung Seon’s house, Samcheong-dong, Seoul, c. late 1960s, Paik Dae Hyun
Groundbreaking ceremony of the Technical Training Center of the Korea Overseas Development Corporation, 1970, National Archives of Korea
Advertisement of KECC in Space, 1968, Space
A commemorative photograph after completion of the design for Expo ’70 Korean Pavilion (Min Hyun Sik: the third from left in the rear row. Yu Kerl, Kim Swoo Geun, and Yoon Seung Joong: from the second left in the front row to the right.), 1969, Min Hyun Sik
A commemorative photograph of HEDI after finishing the preparation for the Expo ’70, Min Hyun Sik
Inspection team for the Expo ’70 Korean Pavilion (Lee O Young: far left, Kim Swoo Geun: second from the right), Kim Won
Staff of KECC visiting Tokyo after the opening of Expo ’70., Kim Won
Staff of KECC visiting Tokyo after the opening of Expo ’70. (the second from the right: Kim Won, the furthest to the right: Yoon Seung Jung.), Kim Won
Gyeongju Bomun Tourist Complex, planned by KECC, 1979, National Archives of Korea
Prime Minister Nam Deok Woo, briefed with the bird’s-eye view map of Jeju Jungmun Complex planned by KECC, 1981, National Archives of Korea
President Chun Doo Hwan inspecting Jeju Jungmun Complex planned by KECC, 1983, National Archives of Korea
Jamsil Apartment Complex 5 in Seoul, designed by KECC, 1978, National Archives of Korea